About Us

Started in the virtual world called SecondLife in 2017 as the Rail & Train Center with Sweetdebbie
as a roleplay group and place for railroad fans.
Chris started scripting the first WebMap Position System for RTCSL
In the same year the two aquired land in SecondLife and made SLDA (Debbie's Airport)
They then formed and bought gridplay.net domain to expand into other tools and services like VenTalkie
March 16 2022 Chris then registered the name GridPlay Productions as a sole proprietor in the Canadian provance of Ontario.
Since then GridPlay has grown in SecondLife and are focus on roleplay tools and services and working on our own online game using the Unity game engine

Our servers are located in Montreal Quebec Canada provided by OVH Canada
We started with 1 VPS and are now running TWO dedicated servers both have the same setup
Our first server has all the websites on it and our discord bot
Our second server is hosting our own minecraft 1.20.1 java edition server called GridCraft.fun
"We are very proud to be using OVH products and services" -Chris Strachan


Christopher Strachan
Sole Proprietor / CEO/CTO
SL: Venkellie Resident
Country: Canada

Chris does all the scripting and managing
Self taught since 1999

Co-founder / CFO
SL: Sweetdebbie Juliesse
Country: America

Debbie helps with finance and decisions
Mostly focused on the SecondLife