GridHaul Aug 1

By venkellie
Created Jul 22 2020 7:17.16AM
Last updated Jul 22 2020 7:17.16AM

After over a year in the making, GridHaul will finally be released on August 1 2020.
Price for the HUD is free, hub terminal will be L$1,000 which is to help with server and other fees.
GridHaul is kinda like GTFO but parcel base so you can transfer freight from one parcel to another in the same sim.
It's meant to be played WITH GTFO so not really much of a competitor. However our vehicle script will be full perm and you can still drive a Szym if you don't mind getting paid on foot rate.
Even more, GridPay will be released soon after GridHaul, we havn't set a date yet because im still working on 2.0. With GridPay it's like having a grid wide roleplay currency that has NO L$ value at all.
What it will have is ability to exchange GridHaul money for GridPay and vis versa.

-Web map got a rework already to accommodate GridHaul hubs.
-New GridPlay profiles. Now show off yourself and what hubs you own. (Must be registered on the site)
-GridPlay Radio is up and going great with a good amount of listeners already. Its a all dance music station for second life residents who love dance music ranging from light EDM to Hardcore (ven loves hardcore and speedcore) with 5 plus hours of auto dj music (some of ven's own songs are in the auto dj) with plans for live dj sets from within SL.
-Thanks to Sweetdebbie and IVE Tours GridHound live drive routes are starting to get active in Atoll and Sansara. Sadly due to some dumb business choices Ven made, Satori and Jeogeot routes are on hold till ven can find a permanent bus terminal for these two continents.

We would love to do more but sadly our monthly budget is limited so if you love what we do and want to see me (ven) and debbie do more please consider donating some USD (or CAD) to our paypal, link is in the footer of this page.
Hugs and love to all from ven and deb.