Lockdown June update

By venkellie
Created Jun 09 2020 8:53.30AM
Last updated Jun 09 2020 9:00.06AM

ya no idea how to do blogs, im a programmer not a blogger.

Relay For Life
Our team raised almost $150 USD in just 6 months, you all are super awesome and thank you so much for your help and donations.
Big thanks to crim for putting out more kiosks in whitestar airport and his yucca spot.

Speaking of whitestar. Demo Days is this weekend and GridPlay is super happy to be back! We will be across the path from where we were last year.
This year I will be re-releasing Web Map Position System HUD, this will be phase 1 of 2 of the roll out. I do got plans for a paid version that will use media on prim so please make sure you are using a viewer that supports MOP. Phase 1 will be the freebie hud like i released before but with afew fixes.

As for ventalkie, i was really hoping to get 3.0 done by now but the pandemic caused me and debbie to scramble with other more important taskes in both SL and RL.
HOWEVER with the owner change of GridTalkie and continued friendship with the new owner and developer I am working with Nik and Dexy to bring cross network chat as well as afew more goodies. You all can already test the cross network chat on the Lobby channel of both networks.

As for networks. GridPlay is on a dedicated server with 64 Gigs of RAM and 4 terrabytes of hard drive space which means i can code alot more cool stuff on the server now which i been working on when i can for the past few months. Speed is also no longer a problem as we get 1 gigabyte of in and out data per second with no usage cap. If you want a sweet deal like this or if your paying to much for crap then please check out our hosting provider at ovh.com, for my fellow canadians its ovh.com/ca/en or /fr for french. For you tech buffs and Canadians, this server is in OVH's Montreal data center.

More things are coming to GridPlay, as you can already see the site is slowly changing to be more up to date with today's standard styling and layout.
I do plan to release more its just taking more time because of the pandemic and running all of our subsidaries with debbie.

Oh btw We did buy GridHound and im working with crim to roll out a new update for it that will use experiences for the teleport gate system so please be sure to accept the GridPlay experience as GridHound and future products and services will be using that experience soon.

Thats all my fingers will type now. Thank you much for sticking with us and be safe out in rl. #StrongerTogether

Oh also anyone registered on this site can make they're own blog posts, only ones from me will show up in the front page of the main site because well i dont really do blogs xD