Ventalkie Shutdown and other things

By venkellie
Created Jun 20 2020 3:51.34PM
Last updated Jun 20 2020 3:52.10PM

Sorry all but it has been decided to shutdown Ventalkie for multiple reasons. Even though i had fun writing it and learned alot more about php and lsl, i see gridtalkie coming back better then ever with its new owners so me and debbie have agreed to bow out for them. Don't worry we aren't fully out of the game ;) We still got SLDA and other mainland locations and i will be giving some of the code i wrote for ventalkie to gridtalkie including gridtalkie to discord bot support and web config.
Me and deb also got plans for Debphone and other products and services we think you all will love. On top of that we are always redesigning our in world locations as well as aquiring new spots like the new mall at SLDA.

We also looking at more options for customer service to help serves you all better. With the world slowly coming out of the covid lockdown we know badly you all want to be out instead of in so we are working on helping ya while your enjoying real life again.

So anyways if your using Ventalkie please switch to Gridtalkie by July 1 as i will be changing the endpoint on the server to no longer accept message transmittion on Canada Day.

Other news:
GridHound: Want to drive a bus on a set route throughout the mainlands? Pilot project is starting soon. Please visit the GridHound office at SLDA under the terminal level. Pilot project will be starting in the Atoll mainland. There should be a application board at our yucca office soon."
GridWorld Security: Bored? Want to help hunt for mainland grief? Got a passion for security? Apply to be a security guard at our HQ again at SLDA at Linden road level behind the blue house.
GridPlay: Our new HQ and store is at the new SLDA mall directly above the SLDA Convention Center.

Ok thats it for sure now. Be safe all.