Grandtree Sailing Center

Sim: Stinson
Owner: MillieEmbraced
Accepted Vehicles: Foot,Boat

Grandtree Sailing Center is a public sailing resource center in the Old World.  The dock supports small craft.

This hub has the following items for pickup
Item Name Item Info Grid Grams
Hemp Perfect for cloths 102
Agricultural Supplies Farms cannot produce without s... 52
Arabica Coffee beans Beans for making coffee 98
Max8 airplane wreckage Remains of the failed max 8 pl... 2
Dry Goods Ambient Shelf-stable food supplies 48
Barrel of Debiven Red Wine Not only good tasting wine but... 40
Crate of Habits Monks, Nuns & general bad habi... 48
Frozen Goods Seafood, Frozen Veg so on and ... 50
Medical Supplies Never run out of bandages & me... 50
Brandi's Moonshine Great moonshine grown to perfe... 25
Fuel / Gas All GFS gas stations needs fue... 100