Gridwide Coastal Aeromedical Hub

Sim: Gyachung
Owner: AirRescue91
Accepted Vehicles: Helipad,Road,Foot

Welcome to Gridwide Coastal Aeromedical - We are a Small Air Medical Base We Aceept All Type of Item So Delivery As Much as you Can Thank you!!!

This hub has the following items for pickup
Item Name Item Info Grid Grams
Max8 airplane wreckage Remains of the failed max 8 pl... 2
Car parts Parts for cars 55
Fuel / Gas All GFS gas stations needs fue... 48
Dog leash Its always good to keep your d... 1
Foam Jug Pallet Needed to fight fires 10
Medical Supplies Never run out of bandages & me... 7
Brandi's Moonshine Great moonshine grown to perfe... 55
Arabica Coffee beans Beans for making coffee 24
Office Supplies Stationary etc 24