Blackslough Regional Airport

Sim: Blackslough
Owner: Brian Aviator
Accepted Vehicles: Airport,Helipad,Foot

Blackslough regional airport welcome all size aircraft (planes, helicopters). Main rwy 27@60m, length 220m.  Fuel available. 

This hub has the following items for pickup
Item Name Item Info Grid Grams
Box of ammo Everyone needs bullets for the... 2
Brandi's Moonshine Great moonshine grown to perfe... 4
Fuel / Gas All GFS gas stations needs fue... 5
GridPay HUDs It's like a debit card but in ... 20
Tree Logs Rolls down stairs, alone or in... 2
Medical Supplies Never run out of bandages & me... 10
Max8 airplane wreckage Remains of the failed max 8 pl... 1