South Duke Emergency Dept.

Sim: Toroge
Owner: AirRescue91
Accepted Vehicles: Helipad,Road,Foot

South Duke Emergency Dept. Hub has Many Hub Items..Since we also is Coast guard heliport we mostly accept medical Supply to the Hub so it can be fly over to Raleigh Coastal Airport or Near by Airport with Gridhaul!


This hub has the following items for pickup
Item Name Item Info Grid Grams
Lag test dummies Perfect to test lag. They lag ... 15
Box of ammo Everyone needs bullets for the... 52
Foam Jug Pallet Needed to fight fires 25
Train Parts Every train builder needs thes... 18
BelliGarbage Trash from Bellisseria 6
Fuel / Gas All GFS gas stations needs fue... 24
Medical Supplies Never run out of bandages & me... 29
Box of iPoops Stores seem to run out of iPoo... 5
Max8 airplane wreckage Remains of the failed max 8 pl... 33
Car parts Parts for cars 23