Moonshadow Transport

Sim: Milda
Owner: Thunderchild Allen
Accepted Vehicles: Helipad,Road,Foot,Space

Moonshadow transportation located in Milda Region is part of TCGWS.  This site services space ships at 3900 meters and vehilces on ground.  This is a public rez zone with 1 hour return time.

This hub has the following items for pickup
Item Name Item Info Grid Grams
Arabica Coffee beans Beans for making coffee 6
Dry Goods Ambient Shelf-stable food supplies 16
Medical Supplies Never run out of bandages & me... 10
Barrel drum of lag For those times when you just ... 8
Box of iPoops Stores seem to run out of iPoo... 1
Brandi's Moonshine Great moonshine grown to perfe... 28
Dog leash Its always good to keep your d... 5
BelliGarbage Trash from Bellisseria 6
Box of ammo Everyone needs bullets for the... 18