Seadragon Express

Sim: Lesters Best
Owner: shellyseashore
Accepted Vehicles: Airport,Helipad,Road,Foot

SeaDragon Express - Angels E3 Gate C

This hub has the following items for pickup
Item Name Item Info Grid Grams
Barrel of Debiven Red Wine Not only good tasting wine but... 22
Arabica Coffee beans Beans for making coffee 2
Hemp Perfect for cloths 4
Car parts Parts for cars 2
Foam Jug Pallet Needed to fight fires 54
Box of iPoops Stores seem to run out of iPoo... 5
Fuel / Gas All GFS gas stations needs fue... 30
Box of ammo Everyone needs bullets for the... 2
Ram chips We all need more ram to run sl... 35
Bunny's Bananas Premium Organic Bananas 29
Dog leash Its always good to keep your d... 3
BelliGarbage Trash from Bellisseria 31