Bear of Boogie Land

Sim: Triasm
Owner: Thunderchild Allen
Accepted Vehicles: Helipad,Road,Foot

Bear of Boogie Land is a roadside LGH Fishing Hole on the east side of Route 8 in Triasm.  This site is operated by bearofboogie Resident and is part of the TCGWS Group.  There is a pedestrian entrance connecting to the road.  This entrance can accommodate pedestrian, horse, and roadside vehicles. 

SLurls are as follows.

BoB Pedestrian Entrance:

BoB Landing Deck:

This hub has the following items for pickup
Item Name Item Info Grid Grams
Dog leash Its always good to keep your d... 26
Arabica Coffee beans Beans for making coffee 27
Barrel of Debiven Red Wine Not only good tasting wine but... 16
Lagware in a box Rez it and lag it 22
Brandi's Moonshine Great moonshine grown to perfe... 10
Frozen Goods Seafood, Frozen Veg so on and ... 18
Train Parts Every train builder needs thes... 15
Medical Supplies Never run out of bandages & me... 51
Box of iPoops Stores seem to run out of iPoo... 18
BelliGarbage Trash from Bellisseria 10