GridWorld Security

Observe and report

GridWorld Security was founded in 2022 in Second Life by real life security guards with years of experience in the field
We provide security guard services on a short-term, long-term, and on-call basis.
Uniformed, non-unformed. Fully trained.
We offer security services for private and mainland places.
Services include
  • Foot and vehicle patrols
  • Airport Security
  • Store Security
  • Sim monitoring
  • Event security
  • Fire prevention and monitoring
  • Security camera monitoring
  • Security advisement
  • Concierge service
  • Mainland grief reporting

SL Address

SLDA Cavanaugh, Sansara mainland

Phone Numbers

Norphone: (800)497-0000
GridPhone: (800)497-0000

Instant Message

Venkellie Resident