The DA in SLDA stands for Debbie's Airport.
SLDA is our aviation call sign within SecondLife.
We use VenTalkie radios with our own channel which is 7532.
SLDA was the idea of SweetDebbie Juliesse with the help of Venkellie.
The reason to make SLDA is to give others a fun place to land and takeoff from.

Amenities on premises and close by are...

  • SLDA SkyMall - High above SLDA is a mall for GridPlay and friends.
  • GridHound - There is a GridHound tp bus just above the ATC room that will take you to other places.
  • Club 18 / Shalom Beach Club - Looking to host events? Club 18 is located right under runway 18 where planes land.
  • PARKING - Parking is available around the complex
  • Fire Station - Love to rp fires? Our fire chief who loves putting out fires.

    Debbie (Sweetdebbie.Juliesse)

    Loves flying, sailing and railroading, when not doing that she is usually at a live performance

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    Ven (venkellie)

    Only obey's Debbie.
    Loves to play with prims and scripts.

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    Iris (Iris.Herouin)
    General Manager

    Iris helps with traffic and keeps operations going

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    Mel (Melodie.Heartsong)
    Interior Designer

    Mel designs all our interior

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    Brandi (Brandi.Whittenton)
    Entertainment Manager

    Club 18's entertainment manager

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