VenTalkie Public Radio Channels

CH# Name Info
1 Lobby Main default channel
16 VHF CH 16 International marine VHF channel, primarily intended for distress, urgency and safety priority calls, may also carry routine calls used to establish communication before switching to another working channel.
69 NutBush Radio Old Continent Bush Pilot Chat
287 BUS Bus operators and drivers
735 RFL Relay for Life public channel
737 The Place Channel for operations at "The Place", Blake Cove North. [D]
2355 Bellisseria Public Radio For general public communications use within the Bellisseria continent
3800 Firelands Estates Firelands Estates
7532 SLDA Debbie's Airport
7577 SLRR Rail channel for the Second Life Railroad
8008 FBFC OPS Full Bush Flying Club
9000 Acknefar ghost tower test [D] [P]
11790 Sansara/Atoll ATC ATC channel for the Sansara and Atoll areas
11920 ATC Ops ATC Ops
12270 Grid Wide ATC Grid Wide Air Traffic Control Channel
12615 SLFP SLFP Marina & Heliport Radio
154130 SL-Emergency Management Agency Mutial Aid
[D] = Chat sent to a discord server
[P] = password protected