VenTalkie Public Radio Channels

CH# Name Info
1 Lobby Main default channel
69 NutBush Radio Old Continent Bush Pilot Chat
287 BUS Bus operators and drivers
666 Ven's Test Channel my test channel where i get to spam the fuck out of the channel
2355 Bellisseria Public Radio For general public communications use within the Bellisseria continent
2628 UES | LOCAL / DISPATCH Unified Emergency Services - Local Dispatch
2629 UES | FIRE / EMS Unified Emergency Services Fire Protection and EMS
2630 UES | LAW ENFORCEMENT Unified Emergency Services - Law Enforcement Services
2631 UES | TAC 1 Tac 1 Channel for Unified Emergency Services
2632 UES | TAC 2 Tac 2 Channel for Unified Emergency Services
2633 UES | TAC 3 Tac 3 Channel for Unified Emergency Services
2634 LOCAL | PUBLIC CHANNEL Public channel for the WMC
2635 UES - TRAINING CHANNEL Radio channel for trainer operations.
2637 SECURITY This channel is for WMC security companies
2638 WDOT | WME Public Works Wolf Mountain Community Public Works
3800 Firelands Estates Firelands Estates
7534 SLDA Debbie's Airport
7577 SLRR Rail channel for the Second Life Railroad
8008 FBFC OPS Full Bush Flying Club
11790 Sansara/Atoll ATC ATC channel for the Sansara and Atoll areas
12615 SLFP - Fiona's Paradise Marina Calling as well as internal channel for Fiona's Paradise Marina